Junior Chefs Cooking Classes


Are you looking for a place to let them shine as a budding young chef who can benefit from the guidance of Professional Chefs, look no further!

At Junior Chefs of America, we are excited to bring to you the 1st Cooking School In America that came up with the idea of joining Education & Cooking Classes in one session.

While we know how important it is for our children to learn new skills that will carry them through life, we also know how important education is as well.

That’s why we have combined both in ONE COOKING CLASS. Our Junior Chefs come together for a 2-hour class. They learn how to prepare mouth-watering recipes with renowned Professional Chefs in the community, and integrate with History, Science, English, or Math in the same class.

Our Chefs are well-rounded with knowledge and life-long cooking skills that serve as a catalyst to helping your Junior Chef succeed as they learn from the BEST CHEFS !

Classes will begin October 13, 2018. GRAND OPENING DAY OUR CLASSES WILL BE FREE TO ALL STUDENTS (BOTH NEW AND RETURNING) class times will be  from 1:00pm – 3:00pm! Tell your friends and meet us there!

We are proud to say we have a NEW LOCATION, with larger kitchen!!! We are now located at 4311 W. Waters Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33611. SEE YOU THERE !


Click Here To Download Registration Form Needed BEFORE class!


We have three(3) ways to participate in our classes:

1. FREE ONE-TIME SESSION:  If you are new to our school and have NEVER taken a class, you can take a FREE class!

2. TAKE A WEEKLY CLASS: Feel free to join our cooking classes ANY Saturday that we host classes for only $25 per child, per visit!

3. UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP PLANS: Enjoy unlimited Saturday classes with one monthly fee. There are 3 prices depending on the size of your family. As a member you enjoy all the benefits below, and save up to 47% monthly!


A Lifetime Membership (No Annual Dues!)

  • There will be a ONE-TIME membership fee of $75.00 to join. Once a member, there will be no annual membership dues. Your monthly payments allow you to remain a member forever. The unlimited classes that come with your membership are for our Saturday Cooking Classes ONLY. All other classes and/or events are discounted or they are free to members.  (Saturday Class Times Vary, See Calendar)

Full Membership benefits include:

  • Unlimited Saturday Classes When Hosted
  • Priority Enrollment
  • 25% off regular price for Special Classes Hosted
  • Host ONE(1) Cooking Class per year
  • Attend (1) Private Culinary Field Trips Free Per Year
  • Free JCOA Apron
  • 25% Discount on Birthday Parties (min 10 or more)
  • 25% Discount on Master Junior Chef Program (coming soon) 
  • Free Cook-Off Entry Fees


  • New member receptions
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Opportunities to connect with fellow students
  • Opportunities for professional culinary development, leadership roles, and community service through other culinary affiliates
  • Access to multi-faceted culinary resources on local, national, and international levels
  • Invitation to Private Membership Dinners and other fun social events
  • Members-only networking events with culinary High Schools, Colleges, Universities, & Other Culinary Organizations
  • Your membership announcement in JCOA’S newsletter
  • Invitation to local, regional, and national culinary conferences

It’s Easy To Sign Up For A Class, Join Us Now!