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Ages 4-14

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If you are ages 4-14 and love to cook, this is the place for your. Junior Chefs of America will show you how to have fun in the kitchen. We come togerher for a fun experience where we combine cooking with education to bring a well-rounded class. All classes are taught by Professional Chefs & Tutors.


Our Chefs are well-rounded with knowledge and life-long cooking skills that serve as a catalyst to helping your Junior Chef succeed as they learn from the BEST CHEFS !

Weekly Cooking Classes For Children Ages 4-14 Yrs Old. Our Unique Program began in 2014 as the 1st School in the United States to Combine Both Cooking & Education In One Classroom Setting!

We Teach Science, Math, English & History With Culinary Exploration In EVERY Cooking Class (STEM)!

Professional Chefs & Tutors Host Are With Our Kids Supporting & Encouraging Them Through Their Culinary Journey!

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Member Benefits

Junior Chefs
(Ages 4-14)

Join us each as we explore the world through food. We visit exciting places all OVER the world.

Our JCOA Culinary Classes are a great way to get your skills in the kitchen  while learning from Great Professional Chefs, along with Tutors that make the class fun with STEM Lessons!

These classes are held Saturday’s from 9am – 11am

Classes are only $45 each time you come, or join as a Culinary Kid Member for only $29 Monthly!

Enjoy all benefits below.

Junior & Teen Chefs
(Ages 4-18)

If you want to see what it’s like to GIVE Back to our community in fun ways, join us!

We get a chance to visit local farms, community centers, senior citizen homes, etc.

These classes are offered through our program called #ProjectJCOA where we help the community through food.

These classes are held different times on our calendars with different locations throughout the year!

They are held between 10am-1pm on the days we go in the community.

Classes are only $45 each time you come. This included Culinary Kid Members.

If you sign up as a Culinary Kid VIP Member, you get to come to ALL CLASSES FREE.

Parents Attend For FREE to help/volunteer with us!

Become a Culinary Kid VIP Member today for only $59 Monthly

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Junior Chefs, Teens, & Adults
(Ages 12 + Up)

Do you love to bake? Do you like to cook like a Professional Chef? Ever wondered how to plate food or make a special catering dish?

We have the answers! Take a Specialty Cooking Class.

We have so much fun learning how to bake from our Professional Baker, Chef Anastasia, along with how to make that special dish from our renowned JCOA Chefs!

These classes are designed to really teach the techniques needed to become a GREAT CHEF.

Both Memberships are allowed a 25% discount off of ALL SPECIALTY COOKING CLASSES.

They are held throughout the week, and on Saturdays!

Become a Culinary Kid Member, or a Culinary Kid VIP Member and enjoy all benefits below.

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