Ages 4-14 Years Old

In-Person Cooking Classes With
Science, Math, History, & English

Saturday’s 9am – 11am


Are you looking for a place to let them shine as a budding young chef who can benefit from the guidance of Professional Chefs, look no further!

At Junior Chefs of America, we are excited to bring to you the 1st Cooking School In America that came up with the idea of joining Education & Cooking Classes in one session.

While we know how important it is for our children to learn new skills that will carry them through life, we also know how important education is as well.

That’s why we have combined both in ONE COOKING CLASS. Our Junior Chefs come together for a 2-hour class. They learn how to prepare mouth-watering recipes with renowned Professional Chefs in the community, and integrate with History, Science, English, or Math in the same class with Local Tutors!

Our Chefs are well-rounded with knowledge and life-long cooking skills that serve as a catalyst to helping your Junior Chef succeed as they learn from the BEST CHEFS !

Weekly Cooking Classes For Children Ages 4-14 Yrs Old. Our Unique Program began in 2014 as the 1st School in the United States to Combine Both Cooking & Education In One Classroom Setting! We Teach Science, Math, English & History With Culinary Exploration In EVERY Cooking Class (STEM)!

Professional Chefs & Tutors Host Are With Our Kids Supporting & Encouraging Them Through Their Culinary Journey! Classes Are Conveniently Held On The Saturday Mornings From 9am-11am!

It’s Easy To Sign Up For A Class, Here Are Our Steps To Register: 

  1. Registration Form – Complete Before ClassThis is our ANNUAL form that is received ONCE PER YEAR. If you are new for the school year or this is your 1st Visit, this form must be completed. Due to Covid-19 Regulation and Rules, this form must be completed BEFORE CLASS to comply with our CONTACTLESS REGISTRATION!
  2. The day of class, you must click here to answer our COVID-19 Questionnaire & Disclosure Form.

2 Ways To Register For a Class

One Cooking Class
for $35

Check our calendar and register online.

Or Choose Our 4-Pack Bundle
for ONLY $105

Complete our order form and pick your classes online. You can apply your coupon code here.

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