Junior Chefs Cooking Classes 2020-2021


Are you looking for a place to let them shine as a budding young chef who can benefit from the guidance of Professional Chefs, look no further!

At Junior Chefs of America, we are excited to bring to you the 1st Cooking School In America that came up with the idea of joining Education & Cooking Classes in one session.

While we know how important it is for our children to learn new skills that will carry them through life, we also know how important education is as well.

That’s why we have combined both in ONE COOKING CLASS. Our Junior Chefs come together for a 2-hour class. They learn how to prepare mouth-watering recipes with renowned Professional Chefs in the community, and integrate with History, Science, English, or Math in the same class with Local Tutors!

Our Chefs are well-rounded with knowledge and life-long cooking skills that serve as a catalyst to helping your Junior Chef succeed as they learn from the BEST CHEFS !

We have two(2) ways to participate in our classes:

1. IN-PERSON COOKING CLASS: Feel free to join our cooking classes . Due to limitations our class sizes have been reduced. To accommodate our junior chefs, we will host two classes as an spill-over option. Class times are at 9am-11am or 2pm-4pm. Once we receive your requested day, we will let you know by FRIDAY of that week’s class which time slot your child will be in. (Please note: most am classes fill up first)

2. ONLINE COOKING CLASSES: Never leave the comfort of your home while spending time with your kids cooking in the kitchen. Each class includes both Educational STEM (Science, Math, English, & History) lessons along with cooking lesson just like our in-class sessions. Once you purchase an online course, we will send you via email: Recipe, Equipment List & Age Appropriate Lesson for your child’s age.

Ways To Participate

Ages 4 – 13

If you have an Aspiring Chef that loves to cook we have the Perfect Class.

We have two options:

In-Person Classes
9am to 11am by default OR 2pm to 4pm for the overflow. All classes on Saturdays.

Online Classes
2pm to 4pm on Sundays.

Ages 14 – 17

If your teen is serious about cooking and wants to learn new + innovative cooking techniques with other teens.

Classes are held from 2pm to 4pm on Saturdays once per month.

Click here to register for Online Classes or In-Person Classes for teens.

Homeschool Options

Looking for an alternative Homeschool Class? We host monthly classes for all ages to kids who want to learn cooking techniques like the chefs. Students attend all sessions for that month learning Professional Techniques. Each month there is a different topic.

Classes are held monthly from 1pm to 3pm.  Click here to register for a Homeschool Class

Please Note: We also have an ACCELERATED SOUS CHEF PROGRAM where we teach the same techniques hosted each month, and condense to 9 sessions. To accelerate your child’s learning, click here!

It’s Easy To Sign Up For A Class, Here Are Our Steps To Register: 

  1. Registration Form – Complete Before ClassThis is our ANNUAL form that is received ONCE PER YEAR. If you are new for the school year or this is your 1st Visit, this form must be completed. Due to Covid-19 Regulation and Rules, this form must be completed and sent back to our email at info@juniorchefsofamerica.org BEFORE CLASS to comply with our CONTACTLESS REGISTRATION!
  2. The day of class, you must click here to answer our COVID-19 Questionnaire & Disclosure Form.

Our Upcoming Classes

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Addressing Coronavirus and Helping to Protect Our Kids: Click Here to learn how we are doing our part to keep our school safe.

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