If you are passionate about food and kids, we NEED you! We are always looking for help with our many activities we do monthly! We are in need of Tutors, Chefs, and Classroom Volunteers.

Tutors: If you enjoy teaching children and have skills in Math, Science, English, and History? We need you.  We spend 30 minutes in each class helping reiterate the culinary experience our kids learn every class!

Chefs: Whether you are a Home Chef,  a Chef at a restaurant, a Personal Chef, or a Celebrity Chef, we need you! You will spend 1 ½ hour to help kids between 4-17 years old learn culinary techniques.  We provide the recipes that we have for that month. Most classes have themed cooking sessions! It’s so rewarding and fun to be able to share your passion with up and coming Little Chefs!

Classroom Volunteers:

If you love kids and want to help in ANY way you can,  we need help in all areas from Administrative Duties to Classroom help!

It’s a simple process to work with us:

  1. Contact Us at 813-408-1078
  2. Complete A Background Check (Call For Order Code)
  3. Meet Our Executive Director, Nadina Taylor
  4. Start Classes