Junior Sous Chef Accelerated Certification Program

Are You Serious About Your Culinary Career?
Would You Like To Learn How To Be A Professional Chefs Like The Pros?

If Your Answer Is Yes, This Is The Class For You!



Join Us As We Venture Into A 10-Session Cooking Class That Will Teach All The Basics, Along With Advanced Learning Skills. Each Week You’ll Learn How To Use Another Cooking Technique That Will Give You The Bridge To Beginning Your Culinary Career As A Young Chef!

If you wanted to join our Monthly Homeschool classes on Wednesdays where we teach all lessons but can’t make the time (1pm – 3pm), Join us here! We learn all nine lessons though our Accelerated Course!


This 10-Week Class Will Teach Kids The Following:

WEEK 1: Kitchen Safety
WEEK 2: Kitchen Appliances
WEEK 3: Basic Knife Skills
WEEK 4: Working With Stocks & Sauces
WEEK 5: Working With Fire
WEEK 6: Dry Heat Cooking
WEEK 7: Moist Heat Cooking
WEEK 8: Combination Heat Cooking
WEEK 9: Baking Skills
WEEK 10: Graduation Class

Location: 4311 W. Waters, Suite 603, Tampa, FL 33614
Time: Mondays After School, 6pm – 7:30pm 

Only $299 for ALL 10 SESSIONS!

***Register BEFORE December 1, 2020 – Receive 25% Discount**

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Register in Two Easy Steps!

Please return the completed form to: info@juniorchefsofamerica.org

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