Host your Special Party Here! Cooking classes are a great way to have fun shile celebrating that special occasion.

Our school can host class sizes up to 48 kids and or adults! We would love to make your day special. We provide all the food, aprons and hats. You will meet with our Party Planner to help make your event a true success.

Whether you want to host a Private Party for Your Employees, Your Children, Your Teens, or Even Toddler’s we are here to help. Complete the form below and we’ll contact you to get things started!

We love to host private parties. Our school can hold up to 36 guests (Due to COVID-19 we are currently minimising it to 10) and 12 smaller children ages 2-5 year olds!

All parties include food choices that you choose at time of booking. We can make anything that doesn’t require more than 45 minutes to prepare.

We provide aprons and Chef hats for the class that can be purchased for a fee at the end of class if you want a keepsake!

We can even provide decoration for a fee, along with the cake if a order is requested.

Our parties include all the food items chosen by you and your junior chef prior to the event, our provided cooking equipment, two chefs, aprons to wear, and a great time!

Decorations are not included, however can be provided for an additional fee. Aprons and Chef Hats can be purchased for a fee.

Our Private Parties range from $38.00 – $44.00 per Junior Chef.
Our general cooking parties usually range from $42.00 – $48.00 per Junior Chef.

You can host your private party at our school or your home,  we can accommodate both ways. If we come to your home, we will provide all cooking utensils and food needed to host the event.

All parties last 2 – 2 ½ hours if you come to our school. If we come to your home/venue we will arrive 1 hour before party to set up. We will also use your sink to clean up and possibly your stove if needed for any baking items. We do charge a traveling fee of $135.00

If you use our school,  please be aware some decorations can’t be in the kitchen area for school safety reasons. We will gladly discuss this with you at time of registration.

We require a minimum of 10 Junior Chefs to consist of a Private Party. Although that number is not required in attendance, you will be charged the minimum amount to reserve the date.  The maximum we can host at our school is 36 Chefs. If you can accommodate the minimum or maximum at another location, we can host the event there!

Our minimum for ALL events is 10. You are not required to have 10 children attend, however, there is a paid minimum of 10 kids that must be met. Our classroom maximum is 20 kids per event due to new social distancing rules. Should you be hosting your event elsewhere and feel like you may be able to hold more than 20 kids, we are usually able to accommodate these requests.

You will be given a Party Coordinator who will work with you to provide the best event possible! They will call you 72 to 48 hours BEFORE the event to go over final details and headcount!

Addressing Coronavirus and Helping to Protect Our Kids: Click Here to learn how we are doing our part to keep our school safe.