Junior Chefs Of America is governed by a Board of Directors who are responsible for overseeing the organization and affairs of the corporation, and works in a constructive partnership with the Executive Director, fostered by trust, respect, and honest communication.

The composition of our Board has a variety of members representing a solid mixture of expertise. This diversity adds significant value to our organization, and makes a very discernible difference in aiding the mission, maintaining the vision, and sustaining the core values of Junior Chefs Of America.

Executive Board Officers

Nadina Taylor

Board President

Certified Integrated Health Coach / Chef
5 years

Tobias Brown

Board President

College Senior Advisor / Motivational Speaker
4 years

Alvita Jenkins

Board Treasurer

Financial Analyst
3 years

Linda Clem Silk


Business Owner / Accountant
5 years

General Board Members

Loretta Cooper

General Board Member

Licensed Insurance Agent
4 years

Classie Brown

General Board Member

Business Owner / Fiscal Officer / Treasurer