Junior Chefs of America is proud to sponsor #ProjectJCOA! This program is designed especially for kids who want to give back to the Community by Cooking.

#ProjectJCOA mission is to feed anyone in need of a meal. All of our meals are provided by Junior Chefs between the ages of 4-17 yrs old.

Our Junior Chefs take their time to prepare each meal with love. Whether it’s a warm dish, or a deli sandwich with fruit and chips, each child takes pride in cooking for a cause.

#ProjectJCOA can be spotted throughout the United Stated! We travel to every State in the US each year handling out food to those in need.

If you know a Shelter, a Community Park where homeless citizens hang out, or any organization in need of food let us know. We travel all over America at different times throughout the year to share our love and encouragement through food.

#ProjectJCOA’s goal is to feed a minimum of 1200 people per year. We need your support.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Become A Community Host Advocate
    Junior Chefs of America will work with you to host the event in your community. Our program is simple and easy. But most of all, rewarding. As a Community Host Advocate, you will have total support to creating a true success in your neighborhood.

  • Sign Up Your Junior Chef
    If you know someone ages 4-17 yrs old who loves to cook and would like to spend a day of cooking and giving back to the Community, sign then up.We provide your Junior Chef with all supplies, aprons, hats, and food to have a fun-filled day with Professional Chefa and Teachers that will help make thir day unforgettable. At the end of the cooking class, our Chefs will take our finished dishes to feed those in need.

  • Become A JCOA Volunteer
    In each State we travel, we are in need of Volunteers to assist. We need help from all areas from Media to Administrative. Whatever your area of expertise, we need you.

  • Become Event Sponsor
    In each State we travel, we are in need of Event Sponsors. Whether you would like to donate food, paper plates, bags, utensils, or money we need your help. Your name will be put on all public advertising we have for that day.

#ProjectJCOA is the perfect way to show those that are going through difficult times a little love.

The empowerment our Junior Chefs have from giving back to the Community, and the appreciation shown from those that receive is what makes this program a success!

You don’t want to be left out. Join is now, find a way to become a part of #ProjectJCOA today!

Coming Soon To A City Near You!

If you would like our kids to bless your community, call us!