New At JCOA – Keep your kids safe while having fun learning how to cook with our new online classes!

No more waiting lists to join a class, or to be able to afford all of your kids take an in-school class! Junior Chefs of America will now bring our Saturday classes to you!

You can now take a class as a Step-by-Step Webinar with LIVE Chefs online to answer any questions you may have during that class.

Our online classes are tailor-made for ALL ages of kids between 4-17 years old. We teach the same cooking skills we use in class where we go slow enough for our youngest Chefs to keep up, but fast enough that our older Chefs don’t loose interest!

Benefits Of Online Classes:

  • Never leave comfort of your home
  • Spend quality time with your kids while teaching them invaluable lessons
  • Each class also comes with STEM Educational lesson in Science, Food Technology,  English, & Math!
  • Online Professional Chefs & Tutors in each class
  • Q&A Chat Available
  • Cooking Classes Engaging for ages as young as 4-17
  • Each class structured to utilize EVERYDAY household kitchen gadgets  & utensils to prepare recipes
  • Classes available for 30 days once purchase, 48 hours after activation!

Simply Sign Up Here, We will contact you once our classes go live!!

You will have the chance to ask questions Before, During, and After class. Our Team of Professional Chefs will be online to answer any questions you post and offer step-by-step guidance along the way!

Don’t Be Left Behind, Sign Up today!