Hi JCOA Parent,

We have received your JCOA Groupon Registration Form & have registered your child(ren) to the class of your choice. There are a few more steps to remember before joining us in class.

Due to COVID-19 we have integrated a CONTACTLESS REGISTRATION. We can no longer accept physical registration forms.

To complete your registration for this class.


  1. Complete The Annual Questionnaire Form  if this is the first time your child has come for the CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR. We only collect this form once per year with all changes if applicable. If we have received for this year (2020 – 2021) there is no need to complete again. If any information needs to be changed, let us know when you arrive, and we will update our records.


  1. Once you arrive, send a text message to our Registration Desk at 813-580-9020 to let the JCOA Team know you have arrived. We can only allow 2 kids in class at a time due to Covid-19
  2. Complete the Covid-19 Disclosure Form here. This form MUST BE COMPLETED EACH TIME you come to the school before entering.
  3. We will text you when it will be your turn to come inside.
  4. Once inside, our Tutors/Administration Team will:
    1. Take Temperature of All Entering
    2. Allow you to Sign-In & Take A Brochure from the sign-in table
    3. Give you the daily recipe to review ingredients for allergies, restrictions, etc.
    4. Give you an apron to put on your child
    5. The Tutor/Administration Team will then have your child wash their hands while they sanitize their seat.

We are so happy to be open once again to allow your kids the chance to learn exciting new recipes. We are so excited as we are VISITING FOODS FROM AROUND THE WORLD THIS YEAR! With our new process we are positive we will have a safe & healthy environment.

If you have any questions, contact us at our office: 813-408-1078. See you soon!

Here's Your Groupon Redemption Instructions

1. Choose A Class From Upcoming Classes Below

2. Complete Annual Registration Form & Return To info@juniorchefsofamerica.org

3. Call Us At 813-408-1078 To Receive Your Discount Code

4. Look For Email With Check-In Instructions

Upcoming Classes

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