Families Helping Families

Junior Chefs of America is Making Difference in Our Community.

In these uncertain times of job loss, economy decline, and financial challenges having a helping hand can surely help.

There are so many families that are struggling with feeding their families on a consistent basis, #ProjectJCOA is here to help!

#ProjectJCOA mission is to help our Community One Family At A Time By Offering Food Relief Services. 

We Offer Three Services:

II. Meals On A Dime Program

To help provide financial relief, #ProjectJCOA hosts a FREE 2-Week Instructional Class on Food Budgeting.

Professional Chefs teach you how to save money while providing quality meals.

III. Young Adult Self-Sustaining Food Classes

If you are between the ages of 18-26, we offer classes that teach you self-supporting skills in the area of food and cooking.

These classes teach you everything from learning basic shopping skills to incorporating weekly meal plans that can save you money!

All of the Programs above are made possible by the generosity of the Community At Large. If you would like to donate, click here.

Addressing Coronavirus and Helping to Protect Our Kids: Click Here to learn how we are doing our part to keep our school safe.