Our Executive Director, Mrs. Taylor

Your Children are our most PRECIOUS Commodity! Junior Chefs of America continues to monitor Covid-19 and is diligently working towards safely Re-Opening our school for our normal On-Time start in September.

We have taken many measures to make sure we have a GREAT time learning & less time worrying about illness spreading.

New Protocol Procedures:

  • New Classroom Seats Structured For Social Distancing
  • Touchless Thermometer Reading For ALL Before Entering
  • All Chefs, Tutors, & Staff will have Face Guards & Shoe Coverings (if applicable) During Classroom
  • Children Face Masks or Face Shields provided (if needed)
  • Sanitizing Foot Mats For All Before Entering
  • Gloves worn ALL times by Staff & Junior Chefs
  • Contactless Registration Upon Arrival With 2 Parents Limited at a time
  • New Smaller Class Limits of 10 Students per class.
  • **New Online Classes** Offering the Virtual Demonstration of the same class taught, just in case we have maximized our capacity and your child still wants to attend.
  • New Staff of 6 Professional Chefs & 2 Tutors onboard to give your child the BEST learning experience!

We want to take this time to thank all of our JCOA Parents for continuing to support your kids as they venture into new Culinary careers while learning about food in a fun way.

With all the new Protocols, Classes, & Programs in place, our Tutors & Chefs are both looking forward to having a GREAT time of interacting and cooking fun as we have ALWAYS been known for!

Sincerely Yours, 

~Mrs. Taylor


Check out our COVID-19 new procedures: