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Looks Who’s Talking About Junior Chefs of America:

  • August 31, 2016, Tampa Bay News Article, Written by Laura Riley,  http://bit.ly/2g7tScU. We had over 380 people that came out to see our 19 Junior Chefs compete in Centennial Park for our 1st Annual Cook-Off! See you at this year’s event, September 3, 2017.




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What a way to celebrate Christmas. The Girls Scouts of America,  Troop 3114 along with 34 children came together on December 3, 2016 to experience a fun-filled day of cooking and sharing. Together both organizations came together to make Christmas Cookies, and Turkey Meatloaves. Our Christmas Elves & Reindeer had a great day!

We have Chefs as young as 4 years old and as old as 17 years old. We are so happy to have our Chefs, Parents, and the Public share their views. Join Us on Social Media to keep up with us!.

“Cooking At Junior Chefs of America was the best way to spend my Saturday, and I’m going to cook what I learned for my mommy when I get home”, Khanara, Age 7.