Junior Chefs of America was founded by it’s Parent Company Ybor City Food Tours, Inc.
Where visitor’s and locals take a 3-Hour Food Walking Tour of Ybor City.

Visitor’s stop at 5-7 Restaurants, while learning why Ybor City is a National Historical District.

While Ybor City Food Tours was created to bring cultural awareness of a great town, there was a growing request from tourists to enhance the “Foodie Experience” by hosting cooking classes.

This idea sounded great, the focus shifted towards the future of our children.  We realized the need find a creative way to teach children how to have fun cooking healthier meals. We created a way to teach cooking classes while teaching the basic educational classes in school.

Kids learn Math, Science, English, & Reading through their Cooking Classes. We combine two most important areas for children: Education & Health!  The Need for better education & healthier eating habits are what we strive for at Junior Chefs of America!

Here are a few educational facts:


In additional for better education, there is a continued growing need to teach our children healthier eating habits.

With our way of “microwave lifestyles” we are facing a serious problem with our children. They have bad eating habits, poor nutrition and low or no physical activity.

This trifecta puts our community’s children at risk for serious health issues that start when they are young, and can create obesity at an early age.

Here are a few health facts:


Faced with the growing concerns in both areas, the concept of combining education with culinary exploration was born.

Junior Chefs of America was founded to provide general study lessons to children while utilizing cooking classes to reinforce this concept through recipes and kitchen utensils.

It is our hope that this mission be carried out across America by allowing each and every one of us to Start A Junior Chefs of America Cooking School,  Support a Student, Attend a Grassroots Events, Volunteer Your Time, and many other ways.